Demon Heart : Pylon Wars App Reviews

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Good game but a bit imbalance

Another hack and slash game. You can choose weapon type and they all are range type. There are different strategies to play with the game. The pet system is interesting. Sadly your pet can be healed by its own potions. That's very annoying because your healing skill doesn't work on it but the display makes you believe that it does. Imbalance and bugs are the reason why I deduct one star. 1) Gear with better quality often times has only Def attribute; thus, it is useless. 2) Toward the mid game, you are stranded in an area where you can't grind for level or gears but rather face 3 groups of monsters. If you didn't grind before, or had no money to buy potions, you better restart the game all over again because the only thing the area provide you is a potion store! You can't warp to other areas. 3) Later, the game keeps having monsters that are very strong scaling to your level. You would be lucky to obtain usable good gears close to your level. 4) Default pet does nothing but rather a follower. 5) Other pets if die once, their stats dropped for no reason! Also you can't heal them with your healing skill. Pet AI is a bit naive and would not run away from mobs that keep hitting it. 6) Gear shops are selling almost useless gears, so it is more of a selling gear store instead. 7) Ad for free gems will crash the game if the orientation of the ad is vertical. If the game crash, you lose the free ad/gem (only 3 total per day). I like the game, and will keep playing until I beat it (currently 2/3 into the game). I wish the game issues/bugs will be fixed by the time I finish it.

So much nope

First off, this game is interesting, but does border on the aspect that "Demons" are just people in the story. The character sprites are way bigger than the scenes, the game feels like it was built in an rpg maker style engine, combat and skills need improvement, where to go is missing half the time, stat system needs fixed, and overall just boring.

A great and fascinating game.

First of all I will say that this game is very fascinating and great overall. The gameplay is also unique, truly magnificent too. Best action RPG game of all time. And also I love the elements of the entire game. That's all for now. I give it a 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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